My Year in the Country

I am the light of my adopted parents' life after generously allowing them to take me home. I adopted them at Hoboken Animal Hospital where I was having a "spa treatment" (deworming, ear mite removal, and minor plastic surgery after my injured tail was removed) because they looked so pathetic when they saw me. Now these two have gone off to China to teach English for a year, so I currently reside with the adopted grandparentals until they return. They live in the country, so there are lots of new things to see and do. I have agreed to pose for many endearing pictures and to recount my days' events here for all to purr over.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

UFO, Oh, NO!

My eyes are glowing after my encounter with aliens last night. They tried to put a spell on me in order to study my feline physique, but I kickboxed them back to outerspace. No one messes with my beautiful belly! I'm lookin good!!


Cullen said...

he really is surprisingly fierce...

Evelyn said...

Mr. Scaredy Cat becomes a superhero after we go to bed, apparently. Who knew?