My Year in the Country

I am the light of my adopted parents' life after generously allowing them to take me home. I adopted them at Hoboken Animal Hospital where I was having a "spa treatment" (deworming, ear mite removal, and minor plastic surgery after my injured tail was removed) because they looked so pathetic when they saw me. Now these two have gone off to China to teach English for a year, so I currently reside with the adopted grandparentals until they return. They live in the country, so there are lots of new things to see and do. I have agreed to pose for many endearing pictures and to recount my days' events here for all to purr over.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Other Mother has taken over my blog to post some wedding pictures of people I don't even know!! She says you know them, but honestly, wouldn't you rather see pictures of me?

Josh and Cameren's Wedding

Okay, back to me!
Much better.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Playhouse

Here I am in my amazing paper maze! The big people got a box in the mail with a whole lot of crinkly brown paper winding around a very small lazy Other Mother, rather than throwing out the paper, simply plopped it on the floor for me to play with. As you can see, I very artfully laid out a maze, with overpasses even! I am such an engineer!! I have had fun jumping on the crinkly paper for the past few weeks, but all good crinkly things come to an end, and Other Mother finally got tired of her house looking aMAZing. Oh, by the way, see that kittycat bed in the background? I snuggled up in it the other evening for a nice nap. It is getting cooler here, so fleecy beds are appreciated. I miss you. Meow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where'd They Go?

So, those "Others" up and left me two weekends in a row! Once for a wedding (who cares!) and once to move Other Sister into a new apartment. Of course, I was deeply disturbed when I saw the suitcases being pulled out, so I retreated to my safe spot. A visiting catsitter tried to cheer me up with heaping bowls of food. I guess it was O.K. afterall, but I did miss the "other" folks. They found me in my safe spot each time they came home, so I worked a good guilt trip on them, but actually this is what I was doing while they were away. Don't tell!!

MMMMmmmmmm........ I own this place!