My Year in the Country

I am the light of my adopted parents' life after generously allowing them to take me home. I adopted them at Hoboken Animal Hospital where I was having a "spa treatment" (deworming, ear mite removal, and minor plastic surgery after my injured tail was removed) because they looked so pathetic when they saw me. Now these two have gone off to China to teach English for a year, so I currently reside with the adopted grandparentals until they return. They live in the country, so there are lots of new things to see and do. I have agreed to pose for many endearing pictures and to recount my days' events here for all to purr over.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And One and Two...

Rah! Rah!, Ma.!! You can do it...push up that flab and give me ten more!!!

Poor Ma has been attempting her push ups so that she can keep up with me now that I have streamlined my saddlebags. Don't tell her, but she doesn't stand a chance, poor thing. But do notice how well she dresses for her routine! Actually, she has just come home from work and doesn't have the common sense to change her clothes.

Sometimes I distract her by doing adorable things like stretching out into the shape of a banjo, and sometimes I like to crawl underneath her when she is in mid push. Then she has to do some quick adjusting so that she doesn't crush me with her bulk. This keeps her agile.

We celebrate the completion of her puny attempt at feline fitness by crossing our paws and smiling for the camera. Nap time!

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Cullen said...

Best blog post ever? I think so!